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So even though they would like to stop, their brain still wishes to escape through any way it could actually. So they begin to help rationalize their behavior to convince themselves quite possibly not relapsing. They argue with themselves likely not doing the old behavior- even though it triggers the old feelings. And before they fully understand it, they have stepped onto the slippery incline of justification, and they fall back into the addiction.

To be able to cure porn addiction, it takes replacing the old substances with new healthy manners. It’s not enough to just stop looking. You must find ways to get the chemicals without the unintended side effects.
Are you looking for help with pornography addiction but don’t know where to start? If you have found this informative article help with your pornography addiction may be closer than you think.

The first step is racking your brains on why you are drawn to porn and if it is really to porn itself that you’re attracted.

Pornography addiction is a bit different than some other addictions because it’s the only real addiction that requires the “sex addict” to perform a sexual act with himself alone. As a matter of fact the real attraction behind the adult movie videos or magazines for many addicts is masturbation.

The driving force behind the being addicted to pornography

Masturbation is the real driving force with regard to watching porn. Some people will try to look for the perfect porn movie or video that can drive them to masturbation. A while they may watch two whole hours of porn but, will keep on watching until they discover that perfect scene that could make them masturbate. Once they can be finished masturbating, they are usually done with the pornographic images until the next time.

This fact leads to believe that if your masturbation problem was solved the pornography addiction are going to be gone as well, since pornography is the tool used through the addicted person.

Assistance with pornography addiction starts at the root of the problem

As illustrated above, it is in all probability that the root of your problem is more about the masturbation problem than it is with pornography itself. Take the masturbation addiction away and you will take the pornography addiction away along with it.

The issue is where do ones masturbation issues are coming from and, how to get rid of them?

Usually there are some strong advocates of masturbation; some of them are saying that masturbation is healthy and may even help sexual life in marriages and other sexual relationships. However, this isn’t to be confused which has a daily compulsion to masturbate to the point that you wouldn’t be ready to function if you didn’t.

Such case the problem for the strong need to masturbate comes from the brain. As a matter of fact it’s caused by a chemical imbalance of the mind which is starving for endorphins, which are the cells responsible for pleasure.

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